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Birds, Bears and Belugas, 8 Days

Birds, Bears and Belugas, 8 days

2021 | $12.995 DBL | $24.095 Single Private Room | $11.695 Children
2022 | $13.495 DBL | $24.995 Single Private Room | $12.195 Children



Birds, Bears and Belugas takes place at Seal River Heritage Lodge, and combines the thrill of beluga whale watching in July and August with the adventure of Churchill Wild’s signature "on the ground" polar bear walking safaris.

We actually walk with polar bears during the summer, and you will too! Seal River Heritage Lodge is situated in the vast coastal "polar bear waiting room" on the Hudson Bay coast, and the bears provide fantastic viewing opportunities for us as they wile away the summer waiting for the sea ice to return.

Aside from the polar bears and beluga whales, you’ll have the opportunity to see other Arctic wildlife on this trip, as well as birds galore such as ptarmigan, Smith’s Longspur, Ross’ and Bonaparte gulls, jaegers etc. In fact, it isn’t unusual for birders to see 100 species over the course of their adventure.

This is a soft adventure highly conducive to family participation and at a convenient time, as children are out of school for the summer. This means that you and your family can experience polar bears in their natural habitat, together!


LOCATION - SEAL RIVER HERITAGE LODGE (60 km north of Churchill by plane):

Perched on the rugged coast of Hudson Bay lies Seal River Heritage Lodge, one of the National Geographic Unique Lodges of the World. Located near the Seal River Estuary, this Lodge is in a prime location for observing polar bears as they wander the coast during summer and fall waiting for the Bay to freeze and viewing beluga whales in July and August.

The fenced-in compound, viewing platforms and tower lend themselves to unique photography opportunities for northern lights and the wildlife that approach to check out the sights, sounds and smells of the Lodge.

Accommodations are eight, double guestrooms each with an en-suite bathroom. The guest wing is away from the lounge and dining room, allowing you to enjoy quiet time as needed.

Our cozy lounge, complete with fireplace, is the perfect place to relax with a glass of wine, sharing photos or talking with new friends.