Отдых на островах

Southern Gwai Haanas Explorer, 8 days. Itinerary.

Southern Gwai Haanas Explorer, 8 days

Exact kayaking routes may vary depending on possible wildlife sightings, currents, tides and weather.

Please note: Some of the Southern Gwaii Haanas Explorer kayak tours start at or near Burnaby Island in the central part of Gwaii Haanas and travel south as outlined in this itinerary. However, some tours travel in the reverse direction, starting near Rose Harbour in the south and kayaking north to Burnaby Island.


  • Day 0: Guests need to arrive in Sandspit the day before the trip departs. At 7:00 PM there is a pre-trip meeting with a Kingfisher guide at Moresby Explorers’ office, next to the Seaport B&B. At the meeting your guide(s) provide you with an overview of the trip, provide a mandatory Gwaii Haanas orientation, distribute dry bags to pack your gear, and answer any last minute questions you may have.
    Meals Included: None
  • Day 1: You are picked up at your accommodation at approximately 7:30 AM by van. We travel over logging roads for about one hour to Moresby Camp where we then board an open zodiac (rigid hull inflatable boat) for an approximately three hour exhilarating ride into Gwaii Haanas.
    Upon arrival at our first remote campsite, we set up camp and have a kayak and safety orientation. After lunch we try out the kayaks for the first time, exploring the waters surrounding camp.
    Meals Included: Lunch – Dinner
  • Days 2 to 7: Early in the trip we are kayaking the waters around Burnaby Island, and if the tides are right a visit to Burnaby Narrows, known for its rich concentration of intertidal life. Heading south from Burnaby Island, we cross Skincuttle Inlet, and pass the abandoned Haida village of Haigi, long since deserted as a result of a smallpox epidemic. Rounding Benjamin Point we begin to see Kunghit Island, the southernmost island of the Haida Gwaii archipelago. Turning into Houston Stewart Channel, separating South Moresby Island from Kungit Island, we pass Rose Harbour – an abandoned whaling station – and begin heading west to the open Pacific.
    Near the end of the kayak tour we visit the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Ninstints (SGang Gwaay Linagaay) on Anthony Island. Tufted and horned puffins, rhinoceros auklets, pigeon guillemots, and many more species of sea birds are often seen on the exposed rocks and islets between South Moresby and Anthony Islands.
    Unless weather dictates otherwise we generally move to a new campsite every day of this tour. The actual kayaking route depends on the weather, sea conditions, and abilities of the group, and while each kayak tour is unique, we believe all are spectacular.
    Meals Included: Breakfast – Lunch – Dinner
  • Day 8: On the last day of the kayak tour, you’ll have time to reminisce about the previous days over a leisurely breakfast. The zodiac generally arrives midday for the journey back to Sandspit where you’ll have the opportunity to get together with the rest of your group for a no-host farewell dinner.
    Meals Included: Breakfast – Lunch