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Great Ice Bear Adventure, 7 Days

Great Ice Bear Adventure, 7 Days

2021 | $12.495 DBL | $23.195 Single Private Room | $11.295 Children
2022 | $12.995 DBL | $24.095 Single Private Room | $11.695 Children



Great Ice Bear Adventure is undoubtedly the most diverse and holistic wildlife viewing package offered anywhere in the world for polar bears seekers.

It combines three nights at our Dymond Lake Ecolodge, where many of the Arctic’s most famous residents are seen and photographed on foot, with a one-day Tundra Buggy tour in Churchill.

Great Ice Bear takes place during prime polar bear season in October and November, when polar bears congregate in large numbers on the coast of Hudson Bay as they wait for freeze-up and the beginning of their annual seal hunt.

The population of Churchill skyrockets to approximately 2.500 at this time, but the remoteness of Dymond Lake Ecolodge will help you escape the crowds while experiencing the most unique and interactive polar bear experience anywhere.

Dymond Lake Ecolodge is strategically located a quick 30 km flight west of Churchill, amidst the natural habitat of many Arctic creatures including polar bears, Arctic and red fox, Arctic hare, wolves and moose, along with numerous bird species such as snowy owls, ptarmigan and gyrfalcons.

In addition to wildlife viewing at the Lodge, highlights include evening presentations by our specialist guides and often northern lights shows!



Near the treeline of the Boreal Forest, gives it a true wilderness feeling. Being close to both the coast and the forest means the variety of wildlife is unparalleled. Polar bears, moose, fox, pine marten, snowy owls, and even the elusive wolverine are known visitors of this unique destination.

This property has eight double occupancy rooms, all with en-suite bathrooms. Stay in one of our cozy guest cabins and indulge in Arctic gourmet cuisine in the main lodge.

The fenced-in compound keeps you safe as you move about and allows you to get within mere feet of the wildlife that stop by to check things out. It’s also great when you want to lie on the tundra, watching the northern lights dance across the sky!

In the evenings, gather together in the main building for fellowship or enjoy some quiet time in the small common areas located in each guest cabin.