Отдых на островах

Hideaway Beach (Pali Ke Kua), North Shore

Hideaway Beach

  • Location: Princeville, North Shore
  • Lifeguarded: No
  • Good For: Snorkeling
  • Facilities: None

Hideaway Beach (Pali Ke Kua) on Kauai’s north shore is a beautiful spot for snorkeling during calm weather. Typically a summertime beach, this spot can be accessed by steep path neer the Pali Ke Kua Condos. Hideaways Beach is true to the name and this secluded beach is worth the trek, but it is advisable to use extreme caution and is probably best left to those who are in good health and physical condition. Parking and access to Hideaways is found at the public parking lot just before the gate house of the Princeville St Regis Hotel.