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Hudson Bay Odyssey, 7 Days

Hudson Bay Odyssey, 7 Days

2021-2022 | $11.995 DBL | $22.195 Single Private Room | $10.795 Children



Your Hudson Bay Odyssey takes place at our most remote property, Nanuk Polar Bear Lodge. Located deep in the heart of polar bear denning territory, where the boreal forest meets the Subarctic, Nanuk is home to an array of woodland and coastal wildlife.

This unique convergence of ecosystems, nourished by the Hudson Bay coastal waters, is home to polar bears, black bears, wolves, and moose and a remarkable number of bird species. Being uniquely located on the Mississippi flyway, the massive flocks filling the air at the commencement of the fall migration can be awe inspiring.

The Hudson Bay Odyssey involves daily treks through the pristine terrain of the Cape Tatnam Wildlife Management Area, where you will be provided with once-in-a-lifetime photo opportunities, particularly during fall excursions when brilliant colours are on display. Watch the video below to see where your adventure will take you!


NANUK POLAR BEAR LODGE features a new dining and lounge area with large picture windows overlooking the magnificent Hudson Bay, a warm and cozy home base which we can unequivocally say provides the best Arctic luxury around! And keep your camera ready to go, as it is not uncommon to have wildlife pay a visit to the Lodge!

There’s a magic to the coastline on which Nanuk sits, and this magic plays out in life-defining experiences. Witnessing a female polar bear nursing her cubs, watching the northern lights dance across the sky, and hearing wolves howl as you drift of to sleep are just a few of the ways we’ve been left speechless.

You will be forever changed by your Hudson Bay Odyssey experience, and awed by the ease in which bears, wolves and other species flourish in an unforgiving circle of life. We invite you to join us, on an adventure to remember!



Access: By Air only. Wheel plane or helicopter.
Location: 250 km southeast of Churchill, Manitoba on the Hudson Bay coast near York Factory.

Nanuk Polar Bear Lodge is a NEW destination offered by Churchill Wild and we are particularly proud of this Lodge due to the phenomenal wildlife access it provides. We are continually improving this Lodge based on feedback from our guests, and most recently added a new lounge and dining area with panoramic views of Hudson Bay. Of course, we also included a cozy fireplace for added ambiance! We have been overwhelmed by the abundance of polar bears and other wildlife in the area of Nanuk Polar Bear Lodge, and sightings have consistently exceeded our expectations since we acquired this location. Each of our heated guest cabins is rustic, wild and perfectly comfortable, with ensuite bathrooms in each private room.
Here are a few of the features at Nanuk Polar Bear Lodge:

  • Cozy fireplace lounge for relaxation and storytelling
  • Four, two-bedroom guest cabins with private washrooms
  • Perimeter fencing and 24-hour safety patrol
  • No other human presence within 100 miles
  • Satellite telephone
  • Viewing towers to watch and photograph bears
  • Large picture windows overlooking the coast, passing wildlife, and bears
  • Fabulous food – prepared from our famous northern cookbook series Blueberries & Polar Bears
  • ATV’s and touring trailers with emphasis on safety and environmental low impact