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Route 66, 13 Days. Itinerary.

Route 66, Guided Tours

Chicago • Springfield • Cuba • Claremont • Weatherford • Amarillo • Santa Fe • Gallup • Grand Canyon • Kingman • Victorville • Los Angeles


Follow us on the off ramp into a bygone era. Discover the 2,400 miles of Route 66 and see how America traveled in the 1920’s-60. Visit the wonderful old trading posts, filling stations, motels, diners and villages along the scenic "Mother Road". Slow down and enjoy the scents of new mown hay and hickory smoke drifting from the pit barbeque chimneys. Stop and stroll through villages which haven't changed since they were bypassed by the interstate highway decades ago. Pull over along a deserted stretch in the Mojave and listen to the hum of millions of wheels that have passed this way, each one on a quest to unknown fate. Stop at a Route 66 museum and get lost in their wonderful presentations about this truly amazing piece of road. Even lay down on a deserted stretch of 66 in the middle of nowhere, feel the road and put your ear on the asphalt to listen to its story of adventure and hope.

We are presenting you a time travelthrough nostalgic America, crossing the states of Illinois, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas, New Mexico, Arizona and California. You will stick to the original Route 66 for as much as possible and original means true to the route.You will meet remarkable people and characters who we will introduce to you along the way, people who make the true spirit of this journey. As you arrive at the pier in Santa Monica you too will be one of those who got their kicks on Route 66.



    1. Arrival Day. Welcome to Chicago!
      Please make your way to your hotel via shuttle, taxi, UBER; also thetrainis an option which departs for downtown Chicago right inside the O’Hare terminal.
    2. Chicago to Springfield, IL (345 km)
      Say goodbye to Chicago and right away you find yourself riding down Historic Route 66. Today you'll go approximately 345 km from Chicago to the state capitol of Springfield.
    3. Springfield, IL to Cuba, MO (352 km)
      Today you ride through the picturesque scenery of small town mid-America to the beautiful rolling hills of the Ozarks. The first half of the day meanders through small farming towns and countryside until you reach the border between Illinois and Missouri. The border is the famous Mississippi river where you stop to see the Chain of Rocks Bridge which became a part of original Route 66 in 1936. After lunch you stop to see the Missouri Route66 State Park, and then off to visit the outlaw Jesse James' hideout at Meramec Caverns. Finally you arrive in Cubafor a nicedinner and a good night's rest.
    4. Cuba, MO to Claremont, OK (515 km)
      After breakfast you start out on the longest day of our journey, 515 km to Tulsa, Oklahoma. Today you will weave your way from the rolling hills of the Ozarks through (another) Springfield, Joplin and Carthage until you reach Kansas. You stopfor lunch in Kansas at the Little Brick Inn, formerly one of the banks robbed by Jesse James' gang. After less than 32 km of Kansas you move into the beautiful scenery of eastern Oklahoma to our hotel in Claremont just East of Tulsa.
    5. Claremont, OK to Weatherford, OK (300 km)
      As you're leaving Tulsa you head toward western Oklahoma and its wide open spaces. Oklahoma is fortunate to have the most remaining miles of original Route 66 that are still good to ride. The majority of the day is spent riding the "Old 66" through pasture and prairie.
      You will be stopping at the Route 66 Interpretive Center in Chandler, the Round Barn in Arcadia and riding the longest remaining stretch of the 1926-1935 alignment of the route. Finally you're endingup at our hotel in the ranching and college town of Weatherford.
    6. Weatherford, OK to Amarillo, TX (320 km)
      You start today with a brief 15 mile ride to the Route 66 museum in Clinton, where you will spend time learning more about the route and its importance in American history, and do some souvenir shopping.
      Then it's back on the road, passing through Great Plains, vast cattle ranches and small farming towns. Today you leave Oklahoma and move into the second largest state, Texas.
      You will stop and see the beautiful U-Drop Inn in Shamrock, featured in the film "Cars" as Ramone's Body shop. Now you're off across the plains for a well deserved steak at the Big Texas Steak Ranch in Amarillo. Are you brave enough to attempt the 72-Ounce(2.02 Kilo) steak dinner challenge?
    7. Amarillo, TX to Santa Fe, NM (458 km)
      After breakfast you ride across town to see Cadillac Ranch; a crazy farmer who planted Cadillacs in his field, hoping to grownew ones. Then it's off to Adrian,Texas, home of the Midpoint Café and the halfway point of Historic 66.After stopping for a coffee you head off from the Great Plains into the natural splendor of the southwest. Riding through thewide open spaces and into the Rocky Mountains, you arrive in the beautiful city of Santa Fe.
    8. Santa Fe, NM to Gallup, NM (336 km)
      It’s time to get back on the road. This morning you head out into the deserts of the southwest, to our first stop for lunch inOld Town Albuquerque. After lunch you head back out on the Route through the splendor of New Mexico’s natural beauty. You end the day in Gallup at the historic Route 66 El Rancho Hotel.
    9. Gallup, NM to Grand Canyon, AZ (450 km)
      Today you say goodbye to New Mexico and head into Arizona’s spectacular deserts. Our first stop is a visit through the Painted Desert & Petrified Forest National Park, where you take our time riding through the park stopping to take in its natural beauty. Afterward you stop in Holbrook to see the WigwamMotel’s teepee shaped rooms on our way to lunch. After lunch you stop to "Take it Easy" with the musical group the Eagles by "Standing on the corner in Winslow Arizona". Thenit’s off to one of the Seven Wonders of the World, the Grand Canyon.
    10. Grand Canyon, AZ to Kingman, CA (256 km)
      This morning you will have the opportunity to take an optional helicopter flight over Grand Canyon. Those who don’t want to fly can sleep in or have a relaxed breakfast beforeriding to the small townof Seligmanwhere you’ll have time for shopping at theRoute 66 shops. Afterward you make your way to Hackberry and then Kingman for the night.
    11. Kingman, AZ. to Victorville, CA (400 km)
      You head out to the curviest part ofRoute66, the Oatman Highway to its namesake Oatman, AZ. Here you stop to see one of the few remaining old west’s gold mining towns and its curious four legged inhabitants, left behind when the miners abandoned the mines. After this little detour you are reachingthe state of California and Needles, your next historic Route66 town.Leaving Needles behind you’re ridingover the Spirit Mountains into desolate and hot Mojave Desert. You stop in the old Route 66 town Amboy, located in the middle of nowhere and check out famous Roy’s Motel and Café. After a brief stop you continue on to your lunch stop in Barstow and then on to see Elmer’s Bottle Tree ranch. After a hot day riding through the desert your hotel’s refreshing pool beckons you to take a cool dip and relax before your last day of riding tomorrow.
    12. Victorville, CA to Los Angeles, CA (185 km)
      Today is your last day of riding, after breakfast you head down from Victorville to the Pacific Ocean at Santa Monica Pier. You ride through almost a hundred miles of the metropolis of the greater Los Angeles area to the end of Historic Route 66 at Santa Monica’s world-famous pier. Here you take your time going to the end marker plaque, and then have a nice lunch on the pier. Afterwards you’ll have some time to look around the pier or dip your toes in the ocean before you have to say goodbye to the West Coast and return home.
    13. Departure Day
      Today is the day to pack your bags and head home, filled with the experiences and memories of the "Mother Road", Historic Route 66, the "Main Street of America". Have a safe journey home and we hope to see you back for another motorcycling sunride through the United States. Bon Voyage, Auf Wiedersehen, Adios, Arrivederci and See Ya!