Active Sightseeing. Orcas & Grizzlies Wildlife, 5 Days. Itinerary.

Orcas & Grizzlies Wildlife, 5 Days | M3

Vancouver, BC to Victoria, BC return

This version includes air from Vancouver on Day 1 and a coach to Victoria on Day 5.


  1. Alert Bay, BC.
    After making your way to Vancouver International Airport, head to the South Terminal and check in at Pacific Coastal Air for your flight. Your 70 minute flight crosses Vancouver Island’s Inside Passage and lands at Port Hardy, near the Island’s north tip. At Port Hardy Airport, a taxi will be waiting to escort you to Port McNeill. Here you’ll board a coastal ferry for a 35 minute voyage to Alert Bay on Cormorant Island. Once in Alert Bay, you can catch a taxi (about $5) at the ferry terminal for a 2 kilometer drive down the ocean road to Alert Bay Lodge. You can also call the lodge from the ferry and the manager will try to get away to pick you up. Please advise the manager what time you would like to take dinner at the lodge.
    Accommodation: Alert Bay Lodge
    Meals: Dinner
  2. Alert Bay, BC.
    Today is yours at leisure to explore the village of Alert Bay. After breakfast, the lodge manager will provide you with a map highlighting popular attractions on the 5 km long Cormorant Island and tickets to U’Mista Cultural Centre. The village can easily be reached by foot from the lodge. You may choose to visit the Alert Bay Tourism Information Centre, shops and galleries featuring native art. Experience the wonder of the U’Mista Cultural Centre with its examples of historic and contemporary artwork, including a First Nations reclaimed potlatch collection. Should time allow, marvel at First Nations dancing at the Big House, or tour the Ecological Gardens and Big Tree Trail - a series of easy walking trails located at the top of the island approximately 2 km from the Village.
    Accommodation: Alert Bay Lodge
    Meals: Breakfast
  3. Alert Bay, BC.
    Today we explore Johnstone Strait the Broughton Archipelago for whales and dolphins, areas home to some of the most spectacular marine wildlife viewing in Canada. On this excursion, you’ll also be able to explore the village of Telegraph Cove, once the northern terminus for the telegraph line from Campbell River and now a launch point for eco-tourism.
    The day begins with a taxi to the Alert Bay ferry terminal, a ferry ride to Port McNeill and a 45 minute scenic taxi ride to Telegraph Cove. Once there you can stroll around the village, visit the Whale Museum and take lunch. You whale tour begins at 1:00 pm when you jump on board a 62-foot, 74-person semi-covered express cruiser.
    The most celebrated are 260 orcas known as the “Northern Residents” who are often in pursuit of salmon, their main food source. These mammals who are actually part of the dolphin family, return each spring in time for the salmon runs. Orcas known as “Transients” are genetically unique from Northern Residents do not mate with one another. They are mammal hunters and are excellent predators of seals, porpoises, sea lions, dolphins and even other species of whales. Other marine life includes humpback and minke whales as well as other marine life such as Dahl porpoises, harbour porpoises, Pacific white-sided dolphins and sea lions.
    Accommodation: Four Room Ocean View Inn
    Meals: Breakfast
  4. Alert Bay, BC.
    We depart at 6:45 am from Alert Bay for a full day on the water to seek out grizzly bears in their natural habitat. Our destination is Knight Inlet, a two hour ride by covered boat into Johnstone Strait. Becoming famous for its population of Grizzly bears, Knight Inlet a long and deep glacier-carved fjord surrounded by snow-capped mountains and steep-sided, forested cliffs.
    Here we drift, paddle and motor quietly around an estuary, looking to spot grizzly bears as they feed on the sedges and grasses at high tide. Low tide brings more bears out, and we may see them turn over large boulders in their search for crabs, isopods and beach barnacles. On some tides we transfer to our flat bottomed skiff to get into the shallows. Please bring your binoculars and camera! Lunch is included.
    Accommodation: Alert Bay Lodge
    Meals: Breakfast, lunch and dinner
  5. Alert Bay, BC.
    An early start this morning to catch the 6:35 am ferry to Port McNeill. A taxi will be waiting to escort you to a restaurant in Port McNeill where you can enjoy a leisurely breakfast. After breakfast you can leave your luggage at the restaurant and stretch your legs along the waterfront path. Your bus will arrive by 9:15 am.
    Bus wil stop in Campbell River for lunch and a chance to stretch your legs. Bus arrives into Victoria at approximately 5:00 pm
    Accommodation: N/A
    Meals: Breakfast



NOTE: the order of activities on Day 2, 3 and 4 may vary due to weather conditions.