Отдых на островах

HGG-1, Majesstic

HGG-1, Majesstic 

  • Operational: Daily Departures
  • Tour Duration: Approximately 25-30 min
  • Check-In: 45 min prior to departure at Grand Canyon Heliport



This majestic helicopter tour starts at the Grand Canyon National Park Airport at Grand Canyon South Rim. After settling into your touring helicopter and lifting off you’ll cross the South Rim of the Grand Canyon near Grandview Point. Soar across the widest deepest part of the gorge, peering 5,000 feet down to the sculptor of the Canyon – the Colorado River. The Grand Canyon’s northern region has an entirely different look and than the drier South Rim, featuring unique forestry and animal life. After a short pass over this remote area of the national park, it’s time to head back to Grand Canyon South Rim via the Dragon Corridor - one of the Grand Canyon’s most photogenic areas. This tour allows the opportunity to see all of the most famous canyon sights from the sky.


    Over the deepest and widest part of the Grand Canyon. Approximately 25-30 min
  • Narration (Helicopter): English