Отдых на островах

HGG-2, Grand Kingdom

HGG-2, Grand Kingdom

  • Operational: Daily Departures
  • Tour Duration: Approximately 40-50 min
  • Check-In: 45 min prior to departure at Grand Canyon Heliport



See the absolute best views the Grand Canyon has to offer on this 40-50 minute aerial sightseeing adventure. Join us at the Grand Canyon Helicopters terminal at the Grand Canyon National Park Airport (GCN) in Tusayan/Grand Canyon Village South. Settle into a state-of-the-art helicopters built especially for sightseeing and off you go! As you soar across the canyon rim, watch as the bottom seemingly drops out from under your feet. You’ll gaze deep into the very core of the canyon over 5,000’ down to the dramatic confluence of the Little Colorado River.You will then drift past Imperial Point - a rugged spire standing alone near the North Rim of the Canyon. Flying at the same altitude as the North Rim, you may feel as though you can reach out and touch the canyon walls. This is the up close and personal perspective only a helicopter can provide! The North Rim is a vastly different climate and supports plant and animal life not present at the drier South Rim. You’ll then head back to Grand Canyon South Rim via the Dragon Corridor, another of the Grand Canyon’s most picturesque sections. If you want the most scenic views from the most impressive heights, this is the helicopter tour for you.


    Over the deepest and widest part of the Grand Canyon including the Dragon Corridor. Approximately 40-50 min
  • Narration (Helicopter): English