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Сервис в Лас-Вегасе. Вертолетные туры над Гранд-Каньоном.

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  GEONT TOURS - представительство американо-канадской корпорации в России. С 1993 года предлагает услуги Российским компаниям и частным лицам, является ведущим туроператором по АМЕРИКЕ и КАНАДЕ.
GEONT TOURS предлагает вертолетные туры над Гранд-Каньоном и Лас-Вегасом с Papillon Grand Canyon Helicopters

Skywalk Getaway with Helicopter & Boat, PBW-4K

Grand Canyon Landing Helicopter with Skywalk & Boat Ride

Departure from: Las Vegas / Boulder Terminal

Over: fly Over and Land at West Rim. Skywalk & Boat tours.

Duration: approximately 6.5 hours from hotel to hotel

Transportation: Papillon picks up from Las Vegas Hotels

Meal: Snacks included

Tours Includes:

  • Aerial flight to and from Grand Canyon West one state of the art helicopter
  • Views of Lake Mead, Hoover Dam, the Colorado River and the Grand Canyon West Rim
  • Landing on Canyon floor
  • Snacks pack
  • VIP Admission to the Skywalk with souvenir photo
  • Colorado River boat ride
  • Complimentary hotel pick up and drop off

  • Sample Itinerary:

    • Clients are picked up from most major hotels in Las Vegas approximately 1.5 hours prior to departure
    • Clients arrive at Boulder Terminal for check-in.
      Every passenger over the age of 18 will be required to present a government issued photo ID.
    • Clients board helicopter.
    • Fliht time to Grand Canyon West is approximately 35 minutes
    • As the flight nears the canyon, enjoy spectacular views of the volcanic Black Mountains, Grapevvine Mesa and then across the Grand Wash Cliffs, entering the Grand Canyon West.
    • Continue with a scenic descent approximately 4000 feet and land on the floor of the canyon (approximately 30 minutes to explore).
    • Hike to the base of the river to board pontoon boat. Enjoy a 1 mile float trip on the Colorado River (approximately 10-15 minutes to explore)
    • Return to helipad for flight to the rim of the canyon
    • Transfer to Eagle Point. VIP front-of-the line pass to the Skywalk. Souvenir photo and snack provided
    • Board your helicopter for a slightly scenic tour route on your return to Boulder Terminal
    • Return to Grand Canyon West Terminal
    • Enjoy a slightly different scenic route on your return flight to Las Vegas/Boulder Terminal. Transfer to hotel.

Туры в США, сервис в США, сервис в Лас-Вегасе, вертолетные туры над Гранд-Каньоном, Геонт туроператор США

Туры в США, сервис в США, сервис в Лас-Вегасе, вертолетные туры над Гранд-Каньоном, Геонт туроператор США

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