Polar Bear Photo Safari, 7 Days

GEONT TOURS - представительство американо-канадской корпорации в России. С 1993 года предлагает услуги Российским компаниям и частным лицам, является ведущим туроператором по АМЕРИКЕ и КАНАДЕ.
Туроператор GEONT TOURS предлагает групповые сборные англоязычный туры в Канаде. Практика английского языка, полное погружение в культуру и атмосферу страны понравятся людям изучающим английский язык и тем, кто его уже хорошо знает. Живое общение и расширение словарного запаса, а также яркие впечатления и новые интересные знакомства в рамках такого тура в Америку вам обеспечены.

Seal River Heritage Lodge

Polar Bear Photo Safari takes place at our Seal River Heritage Lodge in prime polar bear season in October and November. This is the time when polar bears congregate in large numbers along the coast of the Hudson Bay as they wait for the Bay to freeze so they can begin their annual hunt.
The Polar Bear Photo Safari provides discerning photographers the opportunity to experience ground level photography with breathtaking landscapes. Your photographs will truly reflect the beauty of the wildlife and their surroundings.

  • Photo Safari Feature #1:
    Wildly rugged and remote – this tundra coastal lodge provides the discerning photographer the ability to dedicate long days in the field getting up close and personal with Arctic wildlife. Your journey of exploration and adventure will take place at our fly-in only Seal River Heritage Lodge located in the heart of polar bear country.
  • Photo Safari Feature #2:
    This adventure offers ground level photo opportunities for Arctic wildlife, including polar bears, in a pristine untrammelled wilderness setting. Polar bears, caribou, and Arctic fox can be photographed in a backdrop of stunning sea and landscapes. Our Lodge’s shore location is ideal for photographing bears on ice and snow.
  • Photo Safari Feature #3:
    Seal River Heritage Lodge is located on the shoreline of the Hudson Bay where we experience an exceptional number of clear nights for northern light photography. We have the highest number of sunshine days on the coast with the best morning and evening light opportunities. You can also look forward to the finest food and wine in the Arctic! Mealtimes will be adjusted or delayed as required to ensure maximum photo opportunities.
  • Photo Safari Feature #4:
    Our Polar Bear Photo Safari can offer custom adventures for singles to small groups. We can tailor your trip to your groups needs. We can also arrange professionally led instructional photo safaris upon request.
Туры в Канаде, белые медведи в Канаде, туры к белым медведям, арктическое  polar bear photo safari,












Dates, 2019

  • October 21-27
  • October 25-31
  • October 29 - November 4  SOLD OUT
  • November 2-8   Photo leader George Turner
  • November 10-16
  • November 14-20

Dates, 2020

  • October 21-27
  • October 25-31  Photoleader Robert Postma
  • October 29 - November 4
  • November 2-8
  • November 10-16
  • November 14-20

Tour Prices (per, person, based on double occupancy), CAD | with applicable taxes for non-residents

2019-2020 | $13.995 DBL | $25.895 Single Private Room | $12.595 Children

  • Prices are subject to taxes of 9%
  • Children from ages 8 to 12 qualify for the child rate
  • Single guests can sign up to share a room with another person of the same gender at the regular rate per person based on double occupancy. If a single guest prefers to have a private room option we also have a single private room rate as listed above. This rate guarantees a private room at the Lodge as well as at the hotels required within the package.


    Arrive in Winnipeg where you will enjoy a relaxing stay at our choice hotel. You’ll need your rest for your early morning departure to Churchill. Dinner will be held at the Four Points by Sheraton at 7:00pm where you will meet your group and your adventure specialist.
    Arrive in Churchill by air where one of our expert staff will meet you at the airport and will provide you with instructions of the morning transfer. You will also pick up winter gear if you are renting. You will then be transferred by fixed wing aircraft to our Seal River Heritage Lodge. This exciting flight takes you out over the historic Churchill River, and then northwest up the rugged Hudson Bay coast to Canada’s most exclusive polar bear viewing properties. Keep a sharp eye en route for caribou, seals, wolves and of course the "Great Ice Bears".
    Upon your arrival, your hosts will provide a tour of the Lodge and get you settled into your room. A thorough orientation on travelling in polar bear country will be provided prior to any outings. Then it’s time to assemble all those priceless cameras, hard drives, and tripods and start burning some serious gigabytes!
    Our Seal River Heritage Lodge is a wildly rugged and remote location catering to the dedicated wildlife photographer willing to spend long hours in the field getting up close and personal with the Arctic wildlife. Ground level photo opportunities are offered for Arctic wildlife including polar bears in a pristine wilderness setting. We ARE in the heart of polar bear country! Your photos will have stunning backdrops with the sea and or landscapes surrounding the Lodge. Its shoreline location is ideal for photographing bears on snow and ice. Furthermore we have an exceptional number of clear nights for northern lights photography.
    As we mentioned in the features our full service meal times will be adjusted to accommodate photo opportunities which are the priority so expect many a meal to be interrupted. Generally breakfast is served at 8:00 am, lunch as required; with appetizers at 6:00 pm followed by a veritable feast for the palate at 7:00 pm. Evenings are spent near the fireplace downloading images, sharing the day’s adventures, or taking in an informative lecture or slide show. Bedtime is at your leisure. The entire Lodge area is patrolled for polar bears all night by one of our night watchmen so be prepared to have your sleep cut short by a nocturnal visit by one of the Great Ice Bears (or by one of our dazzling displays of northern lights!).
    After another hearty breakfast it’s time to pack for the flight back to Churchill, say good-byes and snap a few more pictures. After another exciting aerial tour, you’ll arrive in Churchill where your bags will be stored for you until your flight back to Winnipeg later in the day. You are then free to explore and wine & dine in this frontier community at your leisure. We recommend local places such as Cape Merry, the Port of Churchill, the Eskimo Museum, as well as the Parks Canada exhibit which are all of great interest. Dog sledding and helicopter charters fit nicely into this afternoon if you’re so inclined. If you are interested in a dog sledding or a heli-tour please book through us so we can ensure you arrive in Churchill in time for your tour departure.
    You will be provided with a $30.00 meal voucher. For tonight you will need to plan an early dinner. The participating restaurants will be outlined on the voucher. After dinner you will meet up with our expeditor and you will be transferred to the airport in preparation for your flight back to Winnipeg. Upon your arrival into Winnipeg you will check back into the Four Points by Sheraton at the Winnipeg Airport for the night.
    After a restful sleep you will pack your bags in preparation for your flight home. You will also enjoy a breakfast at your hotel before your trip back to reality. If you’ve not had enough bear action for one lifetime, ask us about our Birds, Bears & Belugas adventure which takes place in July and August annually.

Access: By Air only. Wheel plane or helicopter.
Location: A 60 km and 30 minute flight from Churchill, Seal River Heritage Lodge was strategically built on the shores of the Hudson Bay, near the Seal River estuary.
Seal River Heritage Lodge maximizes viewing potential by giving guests the opportunities to see bears from a variety of locations. Whether it is from one of the nature trails, the lodge’s viewing tower, or just outside the window as you dine, a trip to Seal River Heritage Lodge means guests will see polar bears and other wildlife like no adventurer on a Churchill town-only package can.

Туры в Канаде, белые медведи в Канаде, туры к белым медведям, арктическое сафари

Seal River Heritage Lodge maximizes viewing potential by giving guests the opportunities to see bears from a variety of locations. Whether it is from one of the nature trails, the lodge’s viewing tower, or just outside the window as you dine, a trip to Seal River Heritage Lodge means guests will see polar bears and other wildlife like no adventurer on a Churchill town-only package can.
Seal River Heritage Lodge features:

  • Authentic wilderness lodge style with all the comforts of home
  • Expansive picture windows to maximize ground level viewing
  • Spectacular coastal view of Hudson Bay while hiking, dining or relaxing
  • A viewing tower to take in the expansive tundra landscape and its wild inhabitants
  • Cozy common area with fireplace for evening wind down
  • Queen, twin and family rooms each with their own ensuite washrooms
  • Full service meals
  • Electricity 24 hours a day, every day
  • Natural gas and wood heat
  • Library with maps
  • Gift Shop
  • Radio/Telephone

NOTES (What to Bring):

  • Warm down-type Parka and insulated wind pants. Insulated hat, mitts and light gloves. Heavy duty footwear. Layers underneath work best starting with polypro underwear (or similar), sweaters, fleece pants etc. Avoid use of cotton when possible.
  • Select outer clothing such as a parka, insulated pants and boots can be rented locally, for approximately $275 for a 5 day rental. This can be arranged prior to departure with your Churchill Wild adventure specialist.
    Insulated hats and gloves are not available for rental.

Your adventure includes:
The package includes two nights in Winnipeg, a total of 6 nights at Seal River Heritage Lodge including a possible overnight stay at Schmok Lake Caribou Camp, as well as roundtrip airfare between Winnipeg, Churchill, and our Lodges.

Meal inclusions are as follows:

Day 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Included Meals D B,L,D B,L,D B,L,D B,L,D B,L,D B
Legend: B=Breakfast, L=Lunch, D=Diner