Отдых на островах

Основные острова архипелага. Остров Рабида (Джервис).

Rabida Island

Rabida is one of the most colorful and volcanically varied islands in the archipelago and a great snorkeling site. Its famous maroon sandy beach and stunning lookouts provide wonderful landscapes. The island is a birdwatcher's delight. Some of the rarest species are in abundance, such as nine varieties of finches, large-billed flycatchers, Galapagos hawks and brown pelicans.

  • Highlights: Snorkeling: white-cheeked pintail ducks, colorful fish, sea lions, brackish water lagoon, penguins, Galapagos hawk
  • Possible Activities: Snorkeling, dinghy ride, kayaking and short hike (1 km)
  • Type of Landing: Wet landing
  • Difficulty: Easy