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Англоязычные групповые туры в Канаде - Adventure tours of Canada. Family Kayak with Whales, 6 Days.

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  Атлант. провинции Канады, 9 дней
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  Скалистые горы, 10/11 дней
  Канада. Восток - Запад, 15 дней
  Канада. Запад - Восток, 15 дней
  Западная Канада и Аляска, 17 дней
  Западная Канада и Аляска, 18 дней
  Западная Канада и Аляска, 22 дня
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Family Kayak with Whales, 6 Days

Vancouver, BC return

Designed for families with children aged 6 to 14, this kayak trip involves three days of kayaking and three nights of comfortable camping at our family base camp. Searching under rocks for crabs, watching humpback whales feed on a school of small fish, or being surprised as a harbor seal pops up next to their kayak are all memories children cherish for a lifetime. On the fourth day we take a water taxi to Telegraph Cove to visit the Whale Interpretive Centre.


Day 1 Vancouver, BC - Port McNeill, BC

We fly you from Vancouver B.C. to Port Hardy, B.C. where you will be met and shuttled to Port McNeill, B.C.. Overnight accommodation at a local motel and breakfast are included. A pre-trip meeting at 7:00 pm with your guide is planned at the local office within walking distance from your accommodation. Your guides provide you with an overview for your trip, distribute dry bags to pack your clothing, and answer any questions you may have.

Accommodation: Motel
Meals: N/A
Day 2 Port McNeill, BC - Hanson Island, BC

We meet at 8:30am to head down to the marina to load our water taxi. It is just a short walk from the motel, and all your bags are transported by our van. Extra luggage can be left at your motel while you are on your kayak tour. The 45 to 60 minute water taxi ride takes us to our camp. Upon arrival at camp your guides provide a site orientation, plus a kayak and safety briefing. We head out kayaking before lunch, giving you time to get used to the kayaks, the wilderness setting, and each other.

Accommodation: Camping
Meals: Lunch and dinner
Day 3-4 Hanson Island, BC

Each day brings a new journey; our camp is ideally situated for exploring the area. Right on killer whale travel routes and close to humpback whale feeding areas. Numerous islets which are home to numerous sea birds, bald eagles, and seals, are also close by. There is always plenty to see. Your kayak guides plan each day according to weather conditions, wildlife viewing opportunities, and guest interests. Lunches are usually spent on a secluded beach, each night returning to the comforts of the base camp. Every day is different, but rest assured, our goals are the same as yours– exploring, kayaking, whale watching, wildlife viewing, and enjoying the scenery.

Accommodation: Camping
Meals: Breakfast, lunch and dinner
Day 5 Hanson Island, BC - Port McNeill, BC

On the last day of our journey, we’ll enjoy a hearty breakfast and pack up our personal gear before our water taxi pickup at approximately 10:00 AM. This takes us to the village of Telegraph Cove, a historic logging and fishing community. Here, we have a chance to visit the “Bones Project” whale interpretive centre and walk around one of the last boardwalk communities on Vancouver Island. Our van transports us back to Port McNeil just after lunch. We arrive back in Port McNeill around 2:00 pm. Last night is spent in Port McNeill, B.C., where you can enjoy a hot shower in your local motel, and slowly transition out of vacation mode. Later guests and guides often get together for a no-host farewell dinner at a local restaurant. If you need to get back to Vancouver, B.C. on this day we can arrange for a late flight and adjust pricing to accommodate one less day on the tour.

Accommodation: Motel
Meals: Breakfast and lunch
Day 6 Return to Vancouver, BC

After breakfast you will be shuttled to Port Hardy Airport and fly back to Vancouver, BC.

Accommodation: N/A
Meals: Breakfast

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