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Летние программы в США, Языковые курсы в США, Программы для подростков в США, Летние языковые курсы в США, Английский язык в США

Если Вы хотите выучить английский язык и посмотреть США, пройти курсы бизнес английского, подготовиться к TOEFL или поступить в американский университет, то FLS INTERNATIONAL - ЭТО ВЫБОР ДЛЯ ВАС!
FLS International предлагает восемнадцать уровней обучения английскому языку: от начального до продвинутого уровня, который необходим студентам для поступления в американские колледжи и университеты. Занятия по общему английскому включают в себя обучение всем аспектам языка: говорение, чтение, аудирование и письмо. В зависимости от выбранного курса, к общим занятиям добавляются семинары и дополнительные предметы (элективы), которые направлены на конкретный аспект обучения. Такие уникальные программы как Английский Везде и Языковые Продленки помогают изучать язык не только в классе, но и в повседневной жизни.


FLS International - английский язык в языковой среде

Michael LaRiccia
Executive Vice President
FLS International

  • FLS Boston Commons
    I am very pleased to announce that the reopening of FLS Boston in August has gone extremely smoothly. The health and distance protocols we put into place have been extremely effective in offering in-person instruction in a safe school and classroom environment. We are continuing to accept applications to our English language Pathway programs here, offering a special 25% tuition discount and waiving the $150 application fee for applications received before the end of October. I am attaching a price sheet with those adjustments for your review along with our application form. Our 2021 programs and pricing, by the way, will stay the same as 2020.

    The COVID-19 situation in Massachusetts improved dramatically in August and September and has continued to remain relatively stable with low positive test results in the City of Boston and surrounding neighborhoods. We are currently receiving newly arrived students from a variety of countries every week, either directly to the U.S. or through Europe and Schengen connections, where F-1 visas are permitted for transit. By the way, per SEVIS Helpdesk guidelines, students with a current F-1 visa for any school, can enter the U.S. with an FLS I-20 for an FLS program without having to report to the U.S.
  • FLS Live Online Programs
    Since March, FLS has developed an impressive array of live online programs that can be taken by a student in any country in the world. They can even take our "Core English Pathway" program to enter FLS’s partner colleges and universities throughout the U.S.
  • FLS Southern California
    As many of you are aware, nearly all college and university campuses in California were closed for the Fall semester due to the COVID-19 situation there. This, of course, prevented us from reopening on campus at Citrus and Saddleback Colleges. Because the COVID-19 situation has improved markedly in recent weeks, however, FLS is reopening in a temporary classroom facility just a few blocks from our Citrus College location next week, October 12th.

FLS we are back

Special Fall Promotion - 25% OFF Tuition
English Language-Pathway Programs

(on applications received before the end of 2021 for in-person programs
starting in 2021 and 2022 at FLS Centers in Los Angeles and Boston)

  • Classes are all In-Person in Our General English, Intensive English, Academic English, Test Preparation, and Executive Business Programs.
  • Optional After-Class Activities and Excursions are Available Daily
  • Free College or University Placement Services with UPP (our placement service) for Enrollments of 8 Weeks or More