Model United Nations Camp

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Model United Nations Summer Camp, 15+

образование в США, образовательные программы США, академические программы США, учебные туры для подростков, летние образовательные программы для детей, школы английского FLS, Model United Nations Camp

This unique summer Specialty-Tour program provides participants with a behind-the-scenes look at the inner workings of the United Nations. Students will join others interested in honing their skills in topics like diplomacy, negotiation, debating, and public speaking. Future international leaders will prepare presentations on selected topics that have been chosen during workshops. The program culminates with a trip to the United Nations.

AGE: 15+
LOCATION: Chestnut Hill College, Philadelphia, PA


NOTE (about the Instructor):
The UN seminars will be taught by Dr. Wayne Jacoby, a Chestnut Hill College professor. A global educator for more than 30 years, Dr. Jacoby cofounded Global Education Motivators and helped develop and manage the first online database of the United Nations.



  • 18 lessons of English per week
    3 seminars per week of select UN topics.
  • Dormitory:
    • Students will be placed in a carefully selected American homes where they will experience the American family lifestyle
    • Accommodation is in a twin room and includes breakfast and dinner on weekdays, breakfast on Saturdays, and 3 meals on Sundays.
    • Roundtrip airport transfer to Philadelphia International Airport (PHL).
    • T-shirt, textbooks, and certificate of completion
  • Weekly sports and activities on campus
  • Sightseeing Excursions & Activities:
    • Historic Philadelphia
    • University of Pennsylvania
    • Philadelphia Premium Outlets
    • New York City Tour
    • Temple University
    • U.N. Building Tour
    • Farewell Party
    • Washington D.C. Tour (optional)
    • Six Flags Amusement Park (optional)