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Hanalei Pier, North Shore

Hanalei Pier

  • Location: Hanalei, North Shore
  • Lifeguarded: No
  • Good For: swimming, surfing, body boarding, fishing, relaxing, watching sunset, beach walking
  • Facilities: Restrooms, Showers, Picnic Tables

Hanalei Pier is located at the mouth of the Hanalei River. This section of beach fronts Black Pot Beach Park, a popular camping area for local families. There is a small boat ramp where you can launch kayaks to paddle the Hanalei River. Hanalei Pier is where you will find the calmest spot for children to play in the surf.

The Historic Hanalei Pier is a popular landmark that at one time was used as a busy working pier used to load and off load sugar and other goods to and from ships. The pier was originally built of wood before 1892. In 1912 it was lengthened to 104 m, but the wooden deck proved difficult to maintain in the tropical climate. In 1921 the legislature authorized $25.000 for a concrete deck. Conney and Morris were selected as contractors, and the work was completed by the end of 1922.

The Hanalei Pier Canopy underwent a complete restoration in 2012-2013 after years of neglect and vandalism. The Hanalei Rotary Club spearheaded Save the Pier, a project that raised over $170.000 toward the restoration project now completed in was reconstructed and finished Today Hanalei Pier is a landmark and favorite recreation spot for water-sports, watching the sun set over Bali Hai.

Because of its popularity with the locals and visitors parking can be difficult on holidays and weekends. Weekdays are suggested days to visit for visitors.