Great Ice Bear Adventure, 7 Days

GEONT TOURS - представительство американо-канадской корпорации в России. С 1993 года предлагает услуги Российским компаниям и частным лицам, является ведущим туроператором по АМЕРИКЕ и КАНАДЕ.
Туроператор GEONT TOURS предлагает групповые сборные англоязычный туры в Канаде. Практика английского языка, полное погружение в культуру и атмосферу страны понравятся людям изучающим английский язык и тем, кто его уже хорошо знает. Живое общение и расширение словарного запаса, а также яркие впечатления и новые интересные знакомства в рамках такого тура в Америку вам обеспечены.
GEONT TOURS представляет один из самых востребованных англоязычных групповых туров - "Great Ice Bear", который желательно заказывать за год вперед.

at Dymond Lake Eco-Lodge

Your journey of exploration and adventure will take place at our Polar Bear Lodge at Dymond Lake, approximately 30 kilometers by air from Churchill, Manitoba. This dynamic seaport has long been known as the Polar Bear Capital of the World as approximately 1,000 of these normous bears congregate on the Hudson Bay come fall in wait for the freeze. You’ll meet several of these animals up-close and on their turf on your Great Ice Bear adventure at our eco-lodge and/or on your Churchill town buggy adventure. Our Lodge is stragetically located amidst the natural habitat of many Arctic creatures – polar bears, caribou, Arctic and red fox, Arctic hare, wolves and moose along with numerous bird species such as snowy owls, ptarmigan and gyrfalcons are frequently observed from the Lodge, or while out on a walk.
The time spent at the Lodge involves mostly terrestrial travel in order to reduce our impact on climate change as much as is possible. Out of respect for both the wildlife and the sensitive ecosystem they depend on, the use of motorized vehicles is kept to a strict minimum. With Churchill Wild, the boots were definitely made for walking!
The town of Churchill has a population of 900 however during bear season, the population skyrockets to approximately 2,500. Our wilderness lodge, located 30 km from town, will help you escape those crowds while providing the most unique and interactive polar bear experience anywhere.
(What are those lumps hanging from the helicopter you ask? That is actually Natural Resources Canada flying a polar bear mother and her two cubs out of town…and right over our Lodge!)
Our day in Churchill on a buggy is chartered so we have far fewer guests per buggy and more viewing opportunities than would be possible any other way. You will have one of the most beautiful animals in the world just outside your window and plenty of space to watch and photograph.

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Dates, 2019

  • November 7-13, Photoleader Robert Postma
  • November 10-16

Dates, 2020

  • October 23-29
  • October 26 - November 1
  • October 29 - November 4, Photoleader Robert Postma
  • November 1-7, Photoleader Robert Postma
  • November 4-10, Photoleader Robert Postma
  • November 7-13
  • November 10-16

Tour Prices (per, person, based on double occupancy), CAD | with applicable taxes for non-residents

2019-2020 | $11.995 DBL | $22.295 Single Private Room | $10.795 Children

  • Prices are subject to taxes of 9%
  • Children from ages 8 to 12 qualify for the child rate
  • Single guests can sign up to share a room with another person of the same gender at the regular rate per person based on double occupancy. If a single guest prefers to have a private room option we also have a single private room rate as listed above. This rate guarantees a private room at the Lodge as well as at the hotels required within the package.


  • DAY 1. Anticipation builds during your overnight stay in Winnipeg.
    Arrive in Winnipeg where you will enjoy a relaxing stay at our choice hotel - the Four Points by Sheraton at the Winnipeg Airport. At 7:00 pm a dinner will be held at the hotel where you will meet your group and your adventure specialist. You will need your rest for your early morning departure to Churchill.
  • DAY 2. The adventure begins!
    Arrive in Churchill by air where one of our expert staff will meet you at the airport and will provide you with instructions of the morning transfers. It is also time to pick up your winter gear if you are renting. You will then be transferred by fixed wing aircraft to our Dymond Lake Lodge. This exciting flight takes you out over the historic Churchill River, and then northwest up the rugged Hudson Bay coast to Canada’s most exclusive polar bear viewing properties. Keep a sharp eye en route for possible sightings of caribou, moose, seals, wolves and of course the "Great Ice Bears".
    Upon your arrival, your hosts will provide a tour of the Lodge and get you settled into your room. A thorough orientation on travelling in polar bear country will be provided prior to any outings. This day includes a guided hike on our rugged and starkly beautiful coastline, an interpretive slide show featuring the wildlife of Hudson Bay, and hopefully a clear night for viewing the Aurora Borealis. Dymond Lake Lodge features an Aurora viewing tower for northern lights observation. All this will be topped off with a lunch and dinner where your hosts and guides will regale you with tales of life and adventures in Canada’s Arctic.
  • DAY 3-4. Nature trekking, polarbears and magnificentphotography
    In the coming days, your breakfast will be served at 8:00 a.m. and the first walking tour generally leaves at 9:30 a.m.
    Once you’ve fueled up with one of Churchill Wild’s legendary full course breakfasts, you’ll be eager to bundle up and head out into the snow. The walks are comfortably paced as they are geared towards plenty of viewing and photo opportunities. They are guided by our professional and knowledgeable tour leaders and so you’ll do a lot of learning along the way! Lunches are served at the Lodge. We are generally back at the Lodge by 4:00 p.m. for hot or cold drinks and appetizers. Your full course delectable dinners are served at 7:00 p.m. after which, the fireplace is almost always central.
    Bedtime is at your leisure. The entire Lodge area is patrolled for polar bears all night by one of our night watchmen so be prepared to have your sleep cut short by a nocturnal visit from a Great Ice Bear or by one of our dazzling displays of northern lights!
  • DAY 5. Say goodbye to the lodge... but not to the bears!
    After another hearty breakfast and it’s time to pack for the flight back to Churchill, say goodbyes and snap a few more pictures. You’ll take another exciting aerial tour back to Churchill where your bags will be stored for you until you can check into your hotel later in the day. You are then free to explore and wine & dine in this frontier community at your leisure. We recommend local places such as Cape Merry, the Port of Churchill, the Eskimo Museum as well as the Parks Canada exhibit which are all of great interest. Dog sledding and helicopter charters fit nicely into this afternoon if you’re so inclined. If you are interested in a dog sledding or heli-tour please book through us so we can ensure you arrive in Churchill in time for your tour departure. You will be provided with a $30.00 dinner voucher for tonight (participating restaurants will be outlined on the voucher.) Then it will be back to your hotel or B&B so you can rest of for your 6th and final day with the bears.
  • DAY 6. Tundra buggy excursion & back to Winnipeg.
    Today you will travel across the tundra in a “tundra vehicle” for more polar bear viewing. Transportation by bus to and from the station is provided at 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. respectively so remember to grab some breakfast beforehand. Lunch “with the bears” will be prepared and served to you on the tour. Your flight south to Winnipeg is scheduled for this evening and thus we wish you safe travels back to reality. You will check into the Four Points by Sheraton upon your return to Winnipeg.
  • DAY 7. Homeward bound.
    After a restful sleep you will pack your bags in preparation for your flight home. You will also enjoy a complimentary breakfast at your hotel before your trip back to reality.


Access: By Air only. Wheel plane or helicopter.
Location: Located a short 30 km and 15 minute flight north of Churchill on a strip of land bordered by Dymond Lake and the Hudson Bay. Dymond Lake Lodge has 8 double occupancy rooms and groups are limited to 16 guests.

Туры в Канаде, белые медведи в Канаде, Геонт туроператор США и Канады

Dymond Lake Lodge maximizes viewing potential by giving guests the opportunities to see bears from a variety of locations. Again, whether it is from one of the nature trails, the lodge’s viewing tower, or right from the lodge windows, a trip to Churchill Wild – Dymond Lake EcoLodge for our Great Ice Bear adventure means guests will see polar bears like no one on a town-only package can..
Dymond Lake Lodge features:

  • A viewing tower to take in the expansive tundra landscape and its wild inhabitants
  • Cozy common areas with fireplaces for evening wind down
  • Double and quad rooms in two separate guest cabins, all with private washrooms
  • Expansive picture windows on virtually every wall to maximize viewing
  • Authentic wilderness lodge style with all the modern comforts
  • Full service and meals
  • Electricity 24 hours a day, every day
  • Natural gas and wood heat
  • Library with maps
  • Gift Shop
  • Radio/Telephone

NOTES (What to Bring):

  • Warm down-type Parka and insulated wind pants. Insulated hat, mitts and light gloves. Heavy duty footwear. Layers underneath work best starting with polypro underwear (or similar), sweaters, fleece pants etc. Avoid use of cotton when possible.
  • Select outer clothing such as a parka, insulated pants and boots can be rented locally, for approximately $275 for a 5 day rental. This can be arranged prior to departure with your Churchill Wild adventure specialist.
    Insulated hats and gloves are not available for rental.

Your adventure includes:

  • All accomodations, transfers required within the package dates and airfare between Winnipeg and our Lodge.
  • 3 nights - Dymond Lake
  • 1 night in Churchill
  • 2 nights in Winnipeg

 Meal inclusions are as follows:

Day 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Included Meals D B,L,D B,L,D B,L,D B,L,D B,L B
Legend: B=Breakfast, L=Lunch, D=Diner