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Pyna-tee-ah Lodge, 4 Days

Pyna-tee-ah Lodge, 4 Days





    Arrive independently at Pyna-tee-ah Lodge in the afternoon (check-in at 13:00), or fly to Williams Lake and get a transfer, and attend a meet and greet orientation accompanied by a welcome happy hour at 17:00. Complimentary guided Gold Rush Trail tour, kayaking or canoeing on Quesnel Lake (2 to 4 hours) will be offered to guests checking in at the lodge at 13:00*. After dinner at 18:30, the evening is yours to relax in the lodge, explore the old gold rush village of Likely, or take a walk along the nearby Quesnel River. Dinner included. Overnight at Pyna-tee-ah Lodge or in RV Park.
    After an early morning breakfast at 05:00, you will set out on full-day excursion of bear viewing. Depending on the season, the method which you observe the bears may vary. In the spring, you travel by vehicle (4X4 and/or multi-passenger ATV) into the lowlands and valleys in the Cariboo Mountains where you disembark and hike into areas where grizzlies, moose, deer, wolves and black bears feed on the new shoots of spring grasses. This is the best chance to catch a glimpse of bear cubs enjoying their first spring with their mothers. In the summer, you hike into the high country to observe the massive grizzly bears feeding in the high alpine basins. In summer, follow the bears through the boreal forest and mountain berry patches to the high alpine of the Cariboo Mountains or on the Cariboo River that receives an early Chinook Salmon run. In the fall, the tour is conducted by boat and jet boat to the bear viewing area of Mitchell River (or on one of the other rivers in the Cariboo Mountains area). The estuaries of Quesnel Lake are spawning grounds for Pacific sockeye salmon which in turn lure grizzly bears where food is plentiful and to prepare for a long winter hibernation period. Wolves may also be seen eating the fish on the riverbanks during these bountiful months. Other wildlife sightings may include moose, beavers, deer, mountain caribou, mountain goats, lynx, otters, eagles, woodpeckers, blue herons, cranes, raptors and songbirds throughout the year. A packed lunch will be provided on the excursion. You will return to the lodge in time to refresh and relax at happy hour before dinner. The evening is at your leisure to stroll through the village, socialize in the lodge or outside in the new gazebo, play a game of horseshoes, or simply sit and relax outdoors or play a game of pool in the games room. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are included. Overnight at Pyna-tee-ah Lodge or in RV Park.
    Today you partake in a second day of bear watching after breakfast, travelling to one of the major river or departure areas. Arriving at the river you board a powerful jet boat and travel up the Cariboo River where you will spend the day watching bears, moose, birds and other wildlife while learning firsthand about this unique ecosystem. A packed lunch will be provided to enjoy in the early afternoon. Return to lodge for happy hour and dinner at 18:00. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are included. Overnight at Pyna-tee-ah Lodge or in RV Park.
    Enjoy your last morning at the lodge before packing and departing independently (check-out is 10:00). Breakfast included.


Essential equipment for all seasons: good waterproof rain gear, jacket, pants and hat or hood on jacket, sturdy hiking/walking shoes (no sandals), and warm clothing that can be layered. The weather changes quickly and excursions take place rain or shine. Snow showers and cold winds off the mountains can occur in early September, especially in the Mitchell River area. Guests must be prepared with essential equipment as they will leave the lodge for the entire day during excursions (only returning to the lodge in the evening). Bring a camera (with telephoto lens if you have it), binoculars, day pack sack, hat, insect repellent, sunscreen, sunglasses and personal toiletries.