Отдых на островах

Основные острова архипелага. Остров Санта-Фе (Баррингтон)

Santa Fe Island

Santa Fe (Barrington) is home to the small picturesque bay and anchorage on the island northeast coast. The bay has two visitor trails, one leading to a scenic viewpoint stop a cliff, and the other spanning from a small beach to a tall prickly pear cactus forest.
Santa Fe has the largest Galapagos sea lions colonies around the central islands and also this is the home of an endemic land iguana unique to this Island.

  • Highlights: Land Iguanas, giant Opuntia cacti
  • Possible Activities: Hiking - snorkeling - kayaking - panga ride
  • Type of Landing: Wet landing
  • Difficulty: Modertate