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GEONT TOURS - американская принимающая компания, специалист по организации деловых, туристических и частных визитов в США и Канаду предлагает мото-туры по США на мотоциклах Harley-Davidson. Когда Вы на мотоцикле, мир открывается перед Вами с абсолютно другой стороны. Вы находитесь в непосредственном контакте со всем, что Вы видите, и это чувство причастности охватывает Вас целиком. Это впечатление навсегда останется в Вашем сознании.

Motorcycle Tours, 2021

Мото-туры по США, Harley-Davidson мото-туры, California Sunriders, эксклюзивные туры по США, туры от туроператора США


Adventure Motorcycle Guided Tours in USA
Prices in U.S. $ and per person (Double = 1 Bike & 1 Bed, Twin = 2 Bikes & 2 Beds)

1. Route 66, 13 Days | Single = $8.972 | Double = $5.385 | Twin = $7.678
The BEST experience you can have on Route 66! We know the places and we know the people which make this trip.
From Chicago to Los Angeles
Date: June 9, 2021

2. Dreamcatcher, 12 Days | Single = $7.474 | Double = $4.736 | Twin = $6.161
12 days of scenic overload and breathtaking motorcycle riding through 5 of the greatest U.S. National Parks.
Journey to the Circle: from San Diego to San Diego
Date: June 8, 2021

3. California Dreaming, 11 Days | Single = $7.697 | Double = $4.683 | Twin = $6.058
An amazing trip through southern and central California with a peak into northern California. The Mamas & the Papas already understood this back in the sixties...
Journey to the Circle: from Los Angeles to Los Angeles.
Date: August 7, 2021

4. Blue Ridge Parkway, 12 Days | Single = $9.494 | Double = $5.718 | Twin = $7.841
Many call it the most beautiful road in America and there's not much to argue about that. Come see for yourself on this southern belle trip through Loisiana, Tennessee, North Carolina and Virginia.
Date: October 1, 2021

5. The Mightly 6, 12 Days | Single = $8.221 | Double = $4.829 | Twin = $6.640
Join us on an unforgettable trip through five of Southern Utah's National Parks plus Grand Canyon in Arizona.
Date: September 8, 2021

6. Yellowstone, 13 Days | Single = $9.104 | Double = $4.981 | Twin = $7.454
This unforgettable tour takes you through Utah, Idaho, Wyoming and Montana, all the way up the Canadian border. Visiting Yellowstone, Grand Teton and Glacier National Parks.
Date: August 17, 2021

7. Sturgis, 11 Days | Single = $8.973 | Double = $4.998 | Twin = $7.680
Sturgis... or the "Black Hills Motorcycle Rally", the world's most famous motorcycle rally. It usually is a quaint little town in South Dakota but once a year all the reincamated warriors, kings and cowboys gather for a peaceful party on ancient American Indian land of the Sioux warrior tribe. Then Sturgis becomes a quarter million gleaming motorcycles of every model and year in one time in an atmosphere of great fun and reverly. This is the largest motorcycle party in the world!
Our tour is the perfect way to enjoy the party and ride some fantastic roads through the OLD WEST, the famous Black Hills and the Rockies.
Journey to the Circle: from Denver to Denver.
Date: August 6, 2021



    A professional tour guide will lead and show you the best roads to ride, best spots to stop, best dinners to eat at and have a ton of information for you at any time. They're also a lot of fun to be with!
    You will stay in nice and carefully selected hotels of 3* - 4* category
    We provide a current year Harley-Davidson motorcycle inclyding unlimited mileage and one-way fee if applicable. Others makes available on request
    Your friendly and professional support driver carries your luggage as well as tools, first aid kit and water / ISO drink supply in the chase vehicle
  • FUEL & OIL
    Fouel stops are a breeze even with a large group. No more worries at the pump. We've got it all covered
    Every guided tour includes a welcome and farewell dinner as well as several breakfasts
  • FEES
    Entrance fees to National Parks, toll fees and parking fees where applicable are included in the tour price
    This book contains all the information you'll need and also works well as a diary
    Besiders our custom sunriders patch and pin you'll also receive a surprise gift from us
    We carry a spare motorcycle in case of a breakdown which is commonly caused by just a simple flat tire but can create a lenghty delay
    You'll enjoy private VIP location transfers between your hotel and rental location
    Guided tours include sales tax and all applicable surcharges / fees


    • 21 years of age or older
    • Valid motorcycle operator’s license
    • Minimum of one year of riding experience on heavyweight motorcycles
    • Major credit card is required
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