Англоязычные групповые туры в Канаде - Adventure tours of Canada, Hut to Hut Mountain Hike, 9 Days

Hut to Hut Mountain Hike, 9 Days

Vancouver, BC -> Vancouver, BC or Clearwater, BC return

Your day will be begin and end with the rising and setting of the sun. Your evening show will be the vibrant night sky. Immerse yourself in the wilderness and watch nature put on its best show! Reconnect with people the land and yourself. This fully guided tour will rejuevnate your mind body and spirit


Day 1 Clearwater, BC

We will pick you up from your downtown hotel in Vancouver and shuttle you to your accommodation in Clearwater, B.C.Enroute we'll make it fun for you stopping at scenic viewpoints along the Fraser River includng entrance to Hell's Gate. Here, we take a tram to the narrow gorge of rushing water and learn about the life cycle of the King Salmon. We'll follow the Fraser River to the mighty Norh Thompson River all the way to Clearwater. At Clearwater your driver/guide will help get you settled into your accomodation for the evening and connect you with your hiking guide for tomorrow.

Accommodation: Motel or Bed and Breakfast
Meals: N/A
Day 2 Hut to Hut hike, BC. Trophy Mountain.

You will enjoy a homemade delicious breakfast before getting packed up and ready to go. Your journay begins with meeting your transfer. From here you leave civilization behind as you are transferred for one hour along dirt roads to the trailhead at 5300 ft (1630 metres). We'll take time to stretch and get our packs adjusted and ready to go. The trail goes through mature forest and lush meadows of alpine flowers. As we gain in altitude expansive mountain vistas of the Cariboos will come into site. With each step we leave the forest behind and hike purely in the alpine. After a little bit more than a couple of hours - our first chalet comes into sight. At 7000ft (2153 metres) the view from the chalet is breathtaking. The area surrounding the chalet has great hikes, lakes, small peaks and flower meadows everywhere. Elevation gain to the chalet is 1700 ft (523 m) over 4 kms. After lunch we'll take short day hikes to explore the area around Trophy Mountain.

Accommodation: Chalet
Meals: Breakfast, lunch and dinner
Day 3 Hut to Hut hike, BC. Trophy Mountain.

Today we explore Trophy Mountain and ascend Ptarmigan Peak. After breakfast our day begins with exploring the numerous peaks in the Trophy Mountain range. Swim in any one of the numerous lakes while taking in the unbelievable mountain views. Feel good about being alive, feel small in the face of unending wilderness! After lunch ramble up Ptarmigan Peak for a total elevation gain of 800 feet (243 m) over 7 kms for the day.

Accommodation: Chalet
Meals: Breakfast, lunch and dinner
Day 4 Hut to Hut hike, BC. Eagle Pass.

After breakfast we pack up our things and head out to our next destination - Eagle Pass.The route takes us through total wilderness - as in - no trails, our guide uses maps, a compass and good knowledge of the area to guide us through. After a couple of hours in the alpine we drop down into the mature forest loosing altitude as we come into the Valley of Lakes. We enjoy lunch by the lakes before we begin again back into the Alpine Meadows to cross over Eagle Pass at 6700 feet (2061 m) From the top of the pass we hike along a gentle slope another 45 mintues through a glade to a wild valley to our most remote chalet. Todays' hike is about 11 kms and takes between 6-7 hours with an elevation gain of 1000 ft (304 m). Dinner will be the most delicious after this amazing hike! All thoughts and stress with dissipate as you live in the moment of this amazing wilderness environment. Stargazing 101 begins at sunset!

Accommodation: Chalet
Meals: Breakfast lunch and dinner
Day 5 Hut to Hut Eagle Pass

Today we rest! Need we say more... OK there maybe some of you that are keeners and if so ....you bet...... we can always do more! How about an optional day hike along the ridges to some remote lakes! Alpine swimming at its best! This hike gains 950 ft (289 m) in five hours of hiking over 6 kms.

Accommodation: Chalet
Meals: Breakfast lunch and dinner

Day 6 Hut to Hut Fight Meadows

After breakfast we pack up and leave our remote wilderness chalet behind and continue northward up and over Table Mountain. Feeling like we have returned a bit back to the civilized world a good trail takes us through some of the finest flower alpine meadows in the world.We follow the trail up to the Ridge of Table Mountain and then descents into the forest to Phillips Lake. The trail turns into a gentle up hill grade through lush forest and into the vast meadow system of the Cariboo and Fight Meadows. After hiking through these two meadow we come to our last chalet at 6000 ft (1845 m). A large lake near the chalet is the site of a historic battle between two First Nation's Tribe that fought for hunting rights in the area. We'll keep our eyes open for the busy wildlife that this area is known for. The 5 km hike before lunch gains about 800 ft (243m) in elevation. The remaining 11 kms drops to the lake valley and then gains about 950 ft (289 m).

Accommodation: Chalet
Meals: Breakfast lunch and dinner

Day 7 Hut to Hut Fight Meadows / Battle Mountain

Today is mountain range and peak a' al carte! From the chalet you can experience expansive views of Alpine Meadows. After breakfast we hike across 52 ridge and drop down into the Bull Valley. From the valley we hike up Battle Mountain for an elevation gain of 1800 ft (548 m) to the top of Battle Mountain. Here we are rewarded with breathtaking views of the Monashee, Cariboo, Premiere and Rockie Mountains - all visible from this incredible vantage point! We take a different route back to the chalet making this round trip a total of 6 hours.

Accommodation: Chalet
Meals: Breakfast lunch and dinner

Day 8 Clearwater, BC

We pack up to leave our mountain chalet for one last time. After breakfast we begin a 4 hour downhill hike along Battle Creet - that takes us off the plateau and into the Clearwater Valley. We meet up with our pick-up point and are transferred back to civilization and our local bed and breakfast. In the evening you can arrange to meet up with others from the group for dinner in town. Upon drop-off at you accommodation - this will will conclude the guide services of the tour.

Accommodation: Bed and Breakfast
Meals: Breakfast and lunch ( dinner at passengers expense)

Day 9 Vancouver, BC

After breakfast you will be shuttled to the Greyhound station for the morning bus ride to Vancouver, B.C. Approximate arrival time into Vancouver, B.C. 4:40 pm.

Accommodation: N/A
Meals: Breakfast